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​Executive Lease Advisors

"Our service is different, its superior, and it makes your life easier. We are not in the business of one time transactions. engaging executive lease advisors is the beginning of a prosperous business relationship within and beyond the parameters of your leasing needs"



​​Far too often, entrepreneurs and executives sign poorly negotiated commercial leases that expose their practice to catastrophic financial risks. This usually occurs because they took a "do it yourself" approach and negotiated their lease without retaining a professional lease negotiator, relied solely on a broker to negotiate business and financial terms, or hired an attorney who does not specialize in commercial lease negotiations. Throughout multiple terms of their lease, far too many entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to re-negotiate the terms of their lease when it’s time to renew or fail to arrange for an annual audit to identify overcharges by the landlord that may entitle them to a refund. Consequently, the money that could have been saved during strategic renewal negotiations or after an annual audit reveals overcharges that are never recovered. These funds ultimately becomes an additional stream of income for sophisticated landlords. This happens when entrepreneurs are too busy to take time away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business or are unaware of the complexities inherent in commercial lease negotiations.

Executive Lease Advisors is a full-service lease advisory firm that takes a comprehensive approach to our clients' commercial leasing needs. Executive Lease Advisors will procure brokerage services for entrepreneurs seeking to lease space for a new business, negotiate new leases and lease renewals, provide project management services for tenant improvements, and procure lease audit services.

Executive Lease Advisors provides end to end corporate real estate services throughout the entire commercial leasing process. Unlike large corporations, small and medium sized companies do not employ an in-house corporate real estate group to plan, negotiate, and manage their real estate transactions. However, having a a dynamic team of commercial leasing professionals and negotiators, a thoroughly negotiated lease, and a proactive leasing program is critically important to maximizing cost savings, business operations, and long term strategic business objectives. 

Having experience in commercial real estate financing, brokering, and law, I identified the need for a comprehensive service for small and medium sized businesses. Specifically, a service that allows entrepreneurs and executives to have the comfort of knowing their commercial lease was analyzed with a critical eye and negotiated in their best interest. Our goal is to drive the process to a close without our client having ever to divert valuable time away from their everyday responsibilities of running a business.  An business owner's time can be worth hundreds of dollars per hour. As time is our most precious currency, it should be allocated towards growing and maximizing business operations. Executive Lease Advisors will manage all aspects of your our clients' transactions while simultaneously allowing them to engage in revenue producing activities without interruption. 

We look forward to working with you.